On April 4-7th Prof. Pedro Albertos from Universidad Politécnica de Valencia will give a series of public lectures as Visiting Professor.
Read more to find program of the visit and presentations.

Program of lectures:

  1. Lecture "Control issues in embedded systems"
    Mon, 4.04.2016, 11:00-13:00,  Room D2.1 C-16
    !! Presentation (ppt, 10MB: New control challenges in embedded systems design )
  2. Lecture "Dynamics and Control"
    Tue, 5.04.2016, 15:00-17:00,  Room 38-39 C-4
    !! Presentation (ppt, 22MB: Dynamics and Control )
  3. Seminar "Time delays in industrial applications"
    Thu. 7.04.2016, 11:15-13:00,  Room 38-39 C-4
  4. Discussion based on lecture 1 "Control issues in embedded systems"
    Thu. 7.04.2016, 15:15-16:55, Room D2.1 C-16

Professor Pedro Albertos is Professor Emeritus of Systems Engineering and Control Department of Systems Engineering and Control Polytechnic University of Valencia (UPV).

His main fields of interest are Real-time and Multirate Digital Control, Embedded Control Systems, Time-delay systems, Parameter estimation and adaptive control,Intelligent Control and their application on industrial processes. Also, the analysis of Psychological processes and, particularly those related to Motivation, has been a matter of research

The visit is supported by The Municipal Office of Wrocław