NCBiR (The National Centre for Research and Development)  PBS1/A3/8/2012 (ID: 179497),

Project webpage:


Budget of the project 5 mln PLN (1.1mln EUR)


Krzysztof Tchoń (kierownik)

Krzysztof Arent

Mateusz Cholewiński

Mariusz Janiak

Łukasz Juszkiewicz

Alicja Mazur

Katarzyna Zadarnowska



Industrial Research Institute for Automation and Measurements PIAP - project leader

Warsaw University of Technology PW

Wrocław University of Technology PWr

Łódź University of Technology

Poznań University of Technology PP

Institute of Computer Science, Polish Academy of Sciences IPI


The goal of the project was to produce a set of technologies and an adequate architecture necessary for the production of autonomous RERs, or in general service and field robots. The project delivered technologies enabling: perception of the environment; navigation and control of mobile platforms and manipulators; impedance control of manipulators and grippers; intelligent two-handed manipulation; active sensing and the use of ontology common to people and robots. The results were demonstrated on several hardware  platforms, both tailored and off-the-shelf.

Our tasks in the project:
Task 9:

Development of models and testing properties of mobile manipulator control algorithms

Task 10:

Measurements, implementation and demonstration of mobile manipulator control algorithms