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Scientific & Engineering Programming – 2019/20

Faculty of Electronics
Electronics and Computer Engineering

Lecture topics and notes

The following table contains the titles of all the lectures, and links to the lecture notes. Lecture notes are provided for the convenience of the students, so it is not necessary to take notes in class. Please note that they are no substitute for textbooks, and other study materials.

The lecture notes files are provided in three different formats: PDF files, Mathematica notebooks, and CDF files. The files with .pdf extension are in the standard Portable Document Format, and can be opened with any pdf reader (Adobe Acrobat Reader, Foxit Reader, Evince, xpdf). The lecture notes with .nb extension are Wolfram Mathematica notebooks, and can be opened with Mathematica program – they can be viewed, recomputed, modified. The lecture notes with .cdf extension are in Computable Document Format, and can be opened with CDF Player – they can be viewed and played only (these files copy the Mathematica notebook files contents, and are provided for persons, who have no Mathematica access).

These notes are under copyright. They can be used only for anybody's private purposes, and cannot be distributed or published, for example by copying and making available from other Web pages, or in any other way.

no lecture materials
1Course introduction. Tools. Mathematica basics PDF Mathematica Mathematica
2Mathematica basics – cont. Mathematica Mathematica

Laboratory classes

The following table collects materials displaying the laboratory classes contents. Students are supposed to familiarize with tasks to be performed before attending the class.
no subject description materials
1Introduction to the laboratory environment. Mathematica basics PDF Basics digest

Mathematica licence usage


Final grades

Passing and obtaining credit in this course requires successfully completing the laboratory class for the course, and obtaining a passing grade for the lecture. The final course grade is computed from the laboratory class score (weight 0.6) and the lecture score (weight 0.4) rounded to the closest nominal grade.

To get the lecture grade one has to pass a final test at the end of the semester. The exact date of the written test will be determined about half way through the semester, at which time the list of topics will also be announced.

To pass the laboratory classes the accomplishing of all the exercises is required. The final laboratory class grade results from exercise point credits.


To contact instructors please choose Mariusz Janiak or Robert Muszyński home page.
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