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Termin i miejsce:  29 września 2015, godz. 11:15, s. 3 C5
Prelegent: Professor Harald Aschemann, Chair of Mechatronics, University of Rostock 
Temat: Model-Based Trajectory Tracking and Active Oscillation Damping for a High-Speed Rack Feeder

Streszczenie: Rack feeders as automated conveying systems for high bay rackings are of high practical importance. To shorten the transport times by using trajectories with increased kinematic values accompanying control measures for a reduction of the excited structural vibrations are necessary. In this contribution, two model-based control designs are presented: a gain-scheduled LQR approach as well as a norm-optimal iterative learning control that could be used for repetitive tasks. The rack feeder is modelled as an elastic multibody system. For the mathematical description of the bending deflections a Ritz ansatz is introduced. The tracking control design is performed separately for both axes using decentralised state-space representations. Both the achievable performance and the resulting tracking accuracy of the proposed control concept are shown by measurement results from an